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1340W 1U Modular Power Supply Leads the Market


Next Generation 1U 1340W Plug-and-Play Power Source from Excelsys

July 2008 – Excelsys Technologies, the world leading specialists in high efficiency configurable power supplies, introduces the XCE 1340W modular power supply. This latest addition to their market leading Xgen family of 1U power supplies measures just 268mm x 127mm and has a peak power output of 1450w at efficiencies up to 90%. Providing power density of 16W/cubic inch the XCE family employs Excelsys innovative Xgen plug &play architecture that allows users to instantly configure a custom power solution in less than 5 minutes.

Excelsys power solutions ultra-high efficiencies and high power density are made possible through the combination of cutting edge low loss technologies and the best field-proven design topologies employing planar magnetics and surface mount electronics. This advanced design paradigm offers significantly increased efficiency and reduces system thermal load by more than 50%. The use of electrolytic capacitors has been greatly reduced over more conventional designs and those still required are all long-life components to ensure maximum system reliability.

The Excelsys XCE can be populated with up to 6 off the shelf powerMods output modules with output power ratings between 72 and 200W and with combinations of nominal output voltages across the range 2.5, 5, 12, 24, 48 and dual 24VDC. All outputs are isolated and may be connected in series or parallel for greater flexibility and all are individually adjustable over a wide range. Output voltages between 1.5 – 58VDC are obtainable by selection and adjustment of the available standard powerMods output modules. All possible output configurations carry full safety agency approvals, UL60950, EN60950 and are CE marked. All Excelsys XCE models have a permanently on 5VDC bias/standby voltage, power good LED indicators and individual output module control signals.

Gary Duffy, Managing Director of Excelsys Technologies, comments. “Our new XCE 1340 watt power supply offers previously unobtainable power densities in user configurable power supplies. We have proven how simple it is for customers to specify and order project specific power solutions form our website and now we have pushed the 1U power boundary even higher to allow an ever wider range of customers to buy our products.”

Typical applications include industrial and automation systems, telecoms, instrumentation, n+1 and redundant power systems, test and measurement equipment, printing and IT power. Medical versions of the Excelsys VCE are also available. Customers may configure their own power solution by visiting www.excelsys.com and completing the simple ECELerate design wizard. The final design is given a unique part number which may then be ordered from Excelsys global distribution network.


Editors note: Attached image shows the 1U user configurable Xcite power supply from Excelsys.


July 2008

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