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600W Medically approved Power Supply is “Off the shelf Custom”


600W Medically approved Power Supply is “Off the shelf Custom”

Approved to EN60601-1 and UL2601-1 the Xmite medical power supply is the latest user configurable power supply from Excelsys Technologies. Continuing to exploit their unique modular topologies the Excelsys Xmite may be configured by users in minutes to meet their exact power requirements and remain fully safety agency approved.

Providing up to 600 watts of output power in a slim-line 1U x 260 x 89mm package the Xmite power supply meets the stringent creepage and 4,000VAC isolation requirements demanded by medical applications. Up to 8 isolated outputs are available which may be user configured over a wide output ranges and connected in series or parallel for higher voltages or power requirements.

The Xmite family consists of 3 powerPac chassis rated at 200W, 400W or 600W which may be populated with up to 4 powerMods output modules. 7 different powerMods are available with nominal DC outputs of 2.5V@50A, 5.0V@40A, 12.0V@20A, 24.0V@30A, 48.0V@6A, 24V@5A, 24/24V@3A. All powerMods offer users very wide output voltage adjustment to fully meet individual requirements.

In addition to EN60601-1 and UL260101 medical approvals all Xmite power supplies are CE marked and meet international EMC requirements. Other useful features for system developers are LED status indicators and control signals and an independent 5VDC “bias” voltage for “standby” functions

Gary Duffy, Managing Director of Excelsys Technologies, comments. “Our new Xmite range is the most flexible power supply in this market and brings affordable user configurable power to 200 to 600 watt medical applications. Xmite has unrivalled efficiency and power density offering our customers significant space savings. As system designers may configure the exact power supply they require off the shelf, with no custom design or NRE charges, development costs and time to market are significantly improved.”

The Excelsys Xmite has a universal input voltage range of 85-264VAC, over voltage and over temperature protection will operate at full load up to 50°C. Ultra-high efficiency, enhanced reliability and system thermal load reduced by more than 50% over conventional designs is achieved by a combination of low loss technologies, a low number of long-life electrolytic capacitors, high quality field-proven planar magnetics and a high degree of surface mount assembly

Xmite customers may specify the exact power supply they require by using the online configurator on www.excelsys.com and use the automatically issued unique part number to place orders for evaluation samples. Typical applications include, medical lasers, monitoring systems, radiological imaging, clinical diagnostics and chemistry.

June 2007

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