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Basic Requirements for a Power Supply Platform

Excelsys Technologies has been at the forefront of power supply design and manufacture for many years now. With its two decades of experience in configurable power supply design, the company is supremely well-placed to support the building of power supply infrastructure, and to advise businesses on the ideal solutions for any power supply issues.

Excelsys is thus in the ideal position to outline the basic requirements for a power supply platform. Excelsys has been able to build a solution which features two mechanical footprints and 11 interchangeable power cards, which has a particular focus on the 400 to 1200W range. The company can build a solution to compete with any powe rsupply, and its global support team is able to select the optimum solution and integrate it seamlessly into any application for any business or organisation.

In terms of basic power supply requirements, massive possibilities are in fact available with a relatively small number of initial resources. Two front end chassis of 600 and 1200W respectively are capable of accommodating numerous cards, each of which can be designed to cover a specific voltage range. This basic design provides the ability to modify voltage in 5mV steps, and accessible internal switches can also be utilised in order to set polarity.

The basic design outlined above can be achieved with just 13 parts, yet design permutations ensure that the actual number of power supply solutions able to be manifested from this very basic outline is a quite staggering 1.8 million. When a company such as Excelsys employs its expertise to the area of power supplies, then all manner of different possibilities become apparent.

The company is able to power Products from MRI scanners to water purification systems via the same basic Power supply platform. Not only is this affordable and compact, but the Excelsys  approach also ensures that power supply platforms are scalable, providing massive benefits to both commercial and engineering entities.

Building a basic power supply platform is not easy, but when you have the expertise of Excelsys then what should be a complicated task can be made relatively straightforward and hugely effective.

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