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Case Study: Fanless Modular Power Supply required for use in Medical Environment


Providing a multiple output power supply for vibration sensitive life science equipment. Difficulties in obtaining accurate and consistent data may arise from vibration noise reaching this sensitive equipment. Power supply cooling fans are a major source of this vibration due to their mechanical design, installation and operating conditions.


The CoolX600, a convection cooled power supply which eliminates the need for fans proved to be the ideal solution. With high efficiency of 94%, the CoolX simplified system cooling, with no integral or system fan cooling required. Removal of fans ensured sensitive system electronics were not subjected to vibration and air disturbances. Its compact size compact 8.5 x 4.5 x 1U package was also desirable for the end user, coupled with its high efficiency reputation.

Benefits of choosing Excelsys
In addition to meeting the stringent vibration requirements, removing fans from the system greatly increased system reliability with the reduction of moving parts . The modular CoolX 600, with full international safety approvals allowed all system power to be generate from one power supply, simplifying system integration and safety compliance.


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