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Case Study: Modular Power Solution Ideal for Inspection Equipment


The customer required a multi-output supply to power a pipe inspection robot. The chosen power supply needed to deliver dynamic voltage trimming to compensate for voltage drop in aspects of the finished solution. Isolation was also required between output and chassis to prevent the possibility of sparks within the operating environment.

The CoolX600 series met all the essential requirements for the end customer. The mixture of conduction and convection cooling gave the CoolX Series an advantage over competitors. The PMBus communications was also an integral part of the procurement process.

The CoolX’s PMBus feature was crucial for the customer to control the output voltage of series modules and allowed for simple and quick responses. Quick thermal qualification carried out in-house by the Excelsys team to validate the design allowed to whole process to move quickly which was an advantage to the end customer. The fanless solution also allowed for increased reliability and a decrease in noise levels.

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