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Design your power supply to have optimum performance

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Electro Magnetic interference (EMI) can cause severe problems for any industry, so designing power supplies in such a way as to negate this effect is always advisable.

Design Your Power Supply to have Optimum Performance

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Limiting EMI within a project can be achieved right from the very start. At the concept stage, eliminating EMI, or at least keeping it to a bare minimum, should be a major focus for any designer. It is important to bear in mind with regard to this that receivers re-transmit, thus it is advisable to minimise the susceptibility of receivers. Filters can also be considered, but it should be borne in mind that these can result in significant addition of bulk to the final power supply.

Coping with EMI is always tricky, as it is not entirely characterised by the manufacturer of a component. It is critical to understand each component intimately in order to protect how they will behave, and this becomes more true at higher frequencies. Capacitors, wire wound resistors and even wire leads will vary in behaviour as frequency changes within a device.

However, power supply designers know that keeping radiation to a bare minimum is essential, and they can similarly play a significant role in ensuring that the overall system has optimum performance. Cabling arrangements and PCB tracking layouts are the biggest contributors to performance, and it is therefore essential that PCB tracks and power cables are arranged in such a way as to minimise current carrying loops which can cause radiation.

All cables and PCB tracks should be treated as radiation sources, and thus every effort should be made to minimise interaction. Following these simple rules will achieve optimum power supply performance.

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