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DIN-Rail Bracket

The DIN-Rail mounting accessory facilitates easy mounting of Excelsys power supplies to a standard 35mm DIN-Rail and is compatible with the market leading Xgen, UltiMod and Xsolo product families.

The flexible, one-size-fits-all solution allows the power supply to be mounted vertically or horizontally on a DIN-Rail system. This allows system designers to achieve higher power density, more outputs, greater flexibility and higher total power up to 1450W. The UltiMod of Xgen allows system designers to consolidate multiple power requirements into one power supply, saving space and cost. The accessory is used in conjunction with a custom bracket to fit Excelsys power supplies and a DIN-Rail clip (recommended DIN-Rail clip part is Hammond Manufacturing part number 1427DIN75M). The custom bracket fits both 4-slot and 6-slot variants of the Xgen and UltiMod power supplies, as well as all Xsolo variants.

DIN-Rail Mounting

The units can be mounted on a DIN-Rail with the use of Excelsys adapter part number Z744. The mechanical drawing for Z744 is available to download from below. Use M4 mounting screws when attaching the power supply to the bracket and ensure that maximum screw penetration from base does not exceed 6mm. The final mounting solution requires an off the shelf standard DIN-Rail clip such as RS part 818-0599 at following link: http://ie.rs-online.com/web/p/enclosure-accessories/8180599/. The DIN-Rail bracket must be assembled to the Excelsys Adapter Z744 and then the completed assembly must be mounted to the PSU.

Download Datasheet

Mechanical Drawings

Features and Benefits:

  • Industry Standard 35mm
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Fits all Excelsys PSU’s
  • Up to 1450W
  • Vertical and Horizontal Mounting
  • Anodised
  • Up to 12 Outputs from one power supply

  Applications Include:

  • Industrial Machines
  • Test and Measurement
  • Automation Equipment
  • Printing
  • Imaging and diagnostic equipment
  • Semiconductor test & production equipment
  • Control equipment within rack enclosures

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