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Excelsys application note discusses I2C basic functions, and how to communicate between IC by I2C bus.

Come by the PMBus booth, number 440 at APEC 2018 and see the CoolX power supply PMBus demonstration by Excelsys. The CoolX is the world’s first fanless modular power supply and provides up to 600W output power with PMBus Digital Communications.  The conference runs from March 4thto 8th, so be sure and drop by.

I2C is short for Inter-Integrated Circuit; it was developed by Philips over 20 years ago for communication between devices inside of a TV set. It is a type of serial communication bus to connect integrated circuits (ICs), it’s only two wires of SCL (serial clock) and SDA (Serial data), it can communicate with slow devices and can also use high speed modes to transfer large amounts of data, and it also can connect with multi-master, and multiple chips in same bus, due to simply and flexible application, it becomes a very popular type of communication

Kevin Parmenter will be presenting a paper on “PMBus In The System” in the PMBus Implementation and Applications Session on Thursday March 8th in Room 213.

Click here to read the full application note

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