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Excelsys Launches Complete Range Of Waterproof LED Power Supplies

Excelsys Launches Complete Range of Waterproof LED Power Supplies

Excelsys Technologies, technology leaders in high efficiency power supply design, introduce a new range of products for professional LED lighting applications. The constant current output LXC series and the LXV constant voltage series offer up to 300 watts of output power in extremely compact, rugged IP67 enclosures.
The constant current output LXC series is available with either 30 watts or 50 watts of output power with efficiencies up to 88%. Both models have universal input over the range 90-264VAC and an operating temperature range of -20 to +75 degC.



The LXC series is protected against over voltage, short circuit and over temperature and meets EN550022 level B for conducted and radiated emissions. Output voltages are available in the ranges 6-12, 9-18, 12-24, 18-36, 21-42 and 24-48VDC.

The LXV series of constant voltage LED power supplies is comprised of 6 models with output power of, 75W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W and 300W with no minimum load and efficiency up to 95%. All feature over current and over voltage protection as well as short circuit and over temperature protection and are rated to IP67. The 75, 100 and 120W models have a wide Input voltage range of 90-305VAC and the 150, 200 and 300W models have a universal input range of 90-264VAC. All models meet EN55055 level B for conducted and radiated emissions as well as EN61000-4-5. A wide range of output voltages are available to suit specific LED requirements, these include 12, 24, 36, 42, 48, 54, 81 and 105VDC.

All Excelsys LED power supplies are CE marked and RoHS compliant and are fitted with input and output cables.

Gary Duffy, Managing Director of Excelsys Technologies, comments. “Our new LED lighting solutions are a good example of the flexibility of Excelsys high efficiency power solutions and our ability to provide a fast and competitive response to new market requirements. Many more OEM manufacturers are considering LED lighting solutions in domestic, industrial, architectural and display products because of their small size, high efficiency and long life. Our new range of LED power supplies provides a state of the art power solution for these applications.”

Excelsys will be increasing the range of both its constant voltage and constant power LED power supplies throughout 2009 to provide high quality, high efficiency, IP67 power solutions for manufacturers of street lighting and architectural lighting installations.

Typical applications for the LXC and LXV families include electrical “brown” and “white” goods such as refrigerator lighting, general LED lighting and sign applications including outdoor and architectural and street lighting systems. For full information please contact Excelsys on +353 21 4354716 or vist www.excelsys.com


April 2009

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