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Excelsys PMBus™  GUI


Excelsys is delighted to announce the launch of the CoolX PMBus™ GUI. This new software package provides engineers with an easy-to-use interface to evaluate the extensive PMBus functionality of the CoolX Range of intelligent power supplies.

The CoolX PMBus™ GUI communicates with CoolX products via a USB to I2C adapter and includes an intuitive user interface and a features set capable of performing a range of functions – from monitoring applications to complex test sequences. With all communications displayed, the CoolX PMBus™ GUI also functions as a powerful debug tool.

The software features perceived real-time voltage, current and temperature monitoring tools to provide performance information of each isolated DC output of the CoolX modular supply as well as the AC input.

In addition to these monitoring capabilities, designers can use the CoolX PMBus™ GUI to provide setting and adjustment of voltages and current limits, inhibit/enable settings for individual outputs as well as global control. Continuing the “plug and play” tradition of Excelsys power supplies, the addition of the PMBus™ GUI for the CoolX series further enhances product flexibility and eases system integration, aiding system designers reduce system development times and time to market.

For further assistance, please contact support@excelsys.com.

Click here to download the Excelsys PMBus GUI and support documents


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