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Excelsys Presenting at Del Mar 2015


Excelsys Technologies is delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at Del Mar Electronics and Design Show 2015 in California. The show runs from the 6th until the 7th of May, 2015. Excelsys will be exhibiting at Booth 329 where we look forward to meeting new and existing customers. We will be showcasing our exciting range of products that boast industry leading efficiencies, reliability and flexibility.  In addition to exhibiting, our VP of Applications Engineering Kevin Parmenter is presenting a seminar on ‘A New Approach to System Level Power Design’ on May 7th at 9.00am in Room B.

During product development, power systems design has historically taken a back seat to other aspects of product development as somewhat of an afterthought. With the importance of power electronics and power supplies in systems that must ship globally and work over time and temperature in often hostile conditions, this is no longer a wise path to pursue.

Consider that the reliability of the system, the safety of a system and the EMI-RFI compliance for emissions and susceptibility to line transients, surges and brown out conditions is dictated by the quality of the power supply and power electronics systems in general.

Kevin will be discussing the relevant standards that apply to power systems in regards to power supplies being able to withstand harsh environments and line/load conditions. In addition, he will talk about methods to protect the power supply/system against harsh conditions. Power supplies by themselves are also being designed to withstand more of these harsh conditions.

Where a custom power supply was often used to solve the power needs late in a design, this was costly, time consuming and not very flexible for last minute changes that might be required. A modular approach gives all the flexibility needed, and if used from the start, one no longer is forced to go to a custom to fit the little space left by the system designers for the power supply.

Working hardware will be demonstrated as examples for reference. Bring your design challenges and questions to this session and feel free to bring issues and problems you are facing in your work to obtain answers on the spot.

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