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Excelsys Technologies Joins Growing Ranks of PMBus™ Adopters

Excelsys Technologies, a leader in high-efficiency power supply design, has signed the PMBus™ adopter agreement and is now a full member of the Systems Management Interface Forum (SMIF). Excelsys currently offers the PMBus interface on its Xsolo series of 1U, single-output PSUs (Power Supply Units). In becoming a full member of the SMIF, the company aims to expand its role in the development of future, standardized digital power management platforms.
PMBus Image“We are excited to become a SMIF member, which allows us to join forces and share ideas with other top electronics companies and customers who have adopted the PMBus standard,” says Gary Duffy, Excelsys Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer. “Adopting this open industry standard will facilitate power management at the systems level and will enable us to offer new features and functionality in upcoming product introductions.”
Typical applications for Excelsys power supplies include industrial applications, such as test and measurement, automation, semiconductor production, robotics, printing equipment and lasers, and medical imaging and diagnostic equipment. As a world-class power supply manufacturer, Excelsys has a global applications team to support and assist customers with their specific system needs.

About PMBus
The Power Management Bus (PMBus) is an open-standard digital power management protocol: simple, standard, flexible, extensible, and easy to program for. The PMBus command language enables communication between components of a power system: CPUs, power supplies, power converters, and more. For more information, please go to the PMBus.org website and download an Introduction to PMBus.

About SMIF
The System Management Interface Forum (SMIF) is an industry Special Interest Group (SIG) composed of 35+ member companies and adopters who work together to develop, implement and promote standardized communications protocols. The PMBus and AVSBus name and logo are trademarks of SMIF, Inc. Commercial use of the PMBus and AVSBus name and logo is restricted to PMBus adopters. Refer to the PMBus.org website for additional details.

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