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Modular Power Supply Solutions for Acoustically Sensitive Applications

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Excelsys prides itself on delivering the widest range Modular Configurable Power Supplies in the industry, ranging from 200W to 1340W. In particular, we are proud of the fact that it is acknowledged that our power supplies provide some of the highest levels of efficiency and reliability anywhere on the market. One of the many fields we work in is providing solutions for acoustically sensitive applications; particularly in the Medical, Laboratory and Broadcast fields.

Careful thermal design is a key component of the power supply development, as the reliability of components is directly related to operating temperature. We take this into account in all aspects of our design philosophy. In products with integral fan cooling, we characterise performance with, high reliability, long-life fans from leading manufacturers to ensure optimum cooling and longer operating lifetimes.

Switching frequencies are also critical in a power supply design. Each of our PowerMod units switches at exactly twice the switching frequency of the PowerPac it is inserted into. This ensures that all PowerMods switch simultaneously, and also helps us maintain exactly double the PowerPac switching frequency; thus eliminating beat frequencies.

Excelsys products are frequently utilised in large systems which provide system air flow. This is due to our proven and extensive test and qualification process which we diligently undertake when customers wish to remove our fans, once again ensuring component temperatures are kept well within their ratings, guaranteeing system and power supply reliability. Before any system is shipped to Excelsys, we ensure that an extensive review of the electrical targets and mechanical constraints is painstakingly carried out. The power supply undergoes detailed thermal analysis over 30 measurement points in both the PowerPac and the PowerMods.

Once this has been completed we compile temperature measurements throughout all load and line conditions. This ensures that a consistent temperature is maintained throughout components used in our designs, and also that the maximum rated temperature is never exceeded. We also take into account variations that can occur due to ambient temperatures, and take sometimes as much as four weeks over the whole testing process.

We have successfully undertaken this process on many occasions for customers developing both acoustic and vibration sensitive equipment demonstrating Excelsys leadership as a renowned provider of world-class power supplies for the Medical, Laboratory and Broadcast fields.

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