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Navigating the Challenges in Selecting Medical Equipment Power Supplies

In the latest edition of Power Systems Design, Conor Duffy, CEO, Excelsys Technologies, an Advanced Energy company discusses the key features to consider when choosing a power supply for medical equipment.

The healthcare industry is naturally transforming – even in the patient realm, as we see a continued increase in age, lifestyle-related conditions and levels of outpatient/home care. As can be imagined, this ongoing transformation translates into how we use technology and its impact on a vast range of applications. For today’s medical equipment, power supplies and their support for these applications is a key piece in keeping the mission critical machine running smoothly. Thus, the selection of power supplies to support these applications is very sensitive and requires a strong understanding of the challenges that lie ahead. The lifespan of medical equipment as a whole – and how it ultimately affects patients – very much depends on it.

Importance of reliability

Reliability of medical equipment is essential, regardless of the application, considering the level of mission criticality it supports. As such, it is well understood that medical equipment must maintain high reliability over long product lifetimes. Heat generation plays a strong role in this and minimizing that generation will increase the reliability of electronic components and the system as a whole, safeguarding necessary medical applications with success crucial to securing optimal patient care.

Traditionally, power supplies for medical equipment are cooled by fans, a key component to the overall cooling equation, which are designed to move heated air away that could serve as a detriment to keeping processes flowing. However, it’s important to remember that fans are mechanical parts and are more likely to have a shorter lifetime which can also shorten system lifetime. When selecting a power supply, be sure to seek one that has higher efficiency as it will greatly reduce the amount of heat rising in components and will improve medical equipment lifetime.

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