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UltiMod Modular Power Supply

Modular Power Supply

The UltiMod series brings modular power supplies to a new paradigm, combining technical excellence with logistics simplicity to exceed the most demanding requirements from any industry. UltiMod continues the Excelsys tradition of providing an instant, no compromise power solutions for any application where a unique set of voltage and current requirements is needed. The UltiMod platform is the most flexible field configurable modular power supply in the world.and is used in various industries including Medical, Industrial, Communications and Military electronics.


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The New UltiMod Designers Manual is now available for download containing:

  • Mechanical drawings
  • Application information
  • and more…

Click on the pdf to get your copy

View the Benefits of the UltiMod range of Modular Power Supplies

HIGHER EFFICIENCY 90% Excelsys focus on providing products with industry leading efficiencies, exceeding 92%. This means that less than half of the amount of waste heat is created in comparison to conventional multiple output power sources with efficiencies of 80% and lower.
LOWER PROFILE 1U Excelsys products boast industry-unrivalled power density for a full functionality ac/dc modular power supply, at 17W/in3. Providing up to 1340W of output power in 1U rack space – 40.4mm, the UltiMod is the smallest modular power supply in the market.
FASTER TIME-TO-MARKET SamplesEx Stock Excelsys provide the ONLY user configurable, Plug & Play multiple-output power supply. Any one of more than 30 million configurations can be assembled anywhere, in under 5 minutes from standard modules. This is the new-paradigm: a custom power supply available in 5 minutes from standard parts.
SAFETY APPROVALS The UltiMod series models are fully compliant international Safety and EMC regulations. Standard products are certified to EN60950, UL60950 (2nd Edition), CSA22.2, EN61000-3-x and EN61000-4-x. Additionally our medical Xgen models are certified to EN60601-1 and UL60601-1 (2nd and 3rd Editions) for medical applications.
All our products are manufactured in ISO9000 certified facilities in the Far East. We employ best practices in manufacturing technology including, In-Circuit-Testing, 100% ESS (Environmental Stress Screening) and test.
ENVIRONMENTAL Understanding and contributing to an improved environment is a important driver for Excelsys Technologies, Excelsys is committed to providing the highest efficiency modular power supplies to help reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, all our products are RoHS compliant.


The Xgen series, with full safety agency approvals and a 3 Year Warranty, offers industry specific solutions from 200W to 2KW. Samples are available in 24 hours from stocking distributors worldwide.

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