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Power Supply Implementation for MOOP and MOP

Companies operating in the medical field often require complex electrical devices. And this equipment is very strongly regulated. Yet understanding the requirements of these regulations can be confusing and complex, so this blog post will be focused on the Means Of Protection (MOP) which are outlined in the scope of IEC 60601-1:2005.

In the past, ‘A’ stood for live parts and ‘B’ the applied parts. But recently EN60601-1:2005 has been introduced, which has caused terminology to be moved to a Means Of Protection (MOP). This particular form of protection includes a variety of elements such as insulation, clearance, creepage distances, impedances and protective earth connections.

Under this new operation, two new classifications have been created. The first of these is MOOP (means of operator protection), and MOPP (means of patient protection).

The scope of IEC 60601-1:2005 3rd edition applies to basic safety and the essential performance of medical electrical (ME) equipment and medical electrical systems. Under these requirements, certain mandatory standards are necessitated. ME equipment can be considered any which is connected to the mains electricity supply, and which is used for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients. Additionally, such equipment will be in physical contact with patients or at least the transfer or detection of energy to or from a patient.

The third edition of these regulations has distinguished between protecting the equipment operator and the patient within the operating procedure. This is why the MOOP and MOPP regulations have been brought in, and each of these differing regulations require differing safety insulation and isolation requirements.

Given these stringent regulatory requirements, it is a relief to know that Excelsys is fully versed in all of the MOOP and MOPP regulations, and can provide robust and steadfast Solutions for any supply requirements in the medical field.

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