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Medical Power Supply
Matching the right ac dc power supply to the right application involves assessing the qualities of particular power supplies, and seeing how these stack up against the particular requirements of your industry.

UltiMod Power SupplyThe medical industry is an ideal case study for this principle. In this particular industry, performance related to voltage and load conditions are of particular importance in high-end medical applications. But this fundamental desire also needs to be balanced against the best possible technological fit in the end application.

Medical laser equipment in particular presents a unique challenge in this regard as the lasers require power to be delivered in different ways to most other loads. Further complicating the issue is the fact that there is not one standard laser used in medical applications. Typically there are two basic types of medical lasers; a discharge laser tube and laser diodes. Discharge tubes demand high voltages and low currents, and can be characterised by high impedances and pulsed operations.

In one such application, the Excelsys Ultimod range utilises XGL modules connected in series, housed in an UX4 power pac to deliver the 110-volt charging element of the discharge tube.

Another laser application with is particularly prevalent in the medical industry is the use of laser diodes. These require low voltage and high currents and often operate in constant current regions. Again the Ultimod from Excelsys can be used with some small simple external components to deliver constant current to the laser diodes. Output control features of Vtrim (output voltage control) and remote on/off allow easy implementation in the system.

Coupled with an extensive suite of control and monitoring the Ultimod can provide the ultimate medical laser solution. Understanding the technology in the actual marquee segment, and how to adapt your technology to meet its needs is extremely important, and this is another are where UltiMod can be customised to match your needs. The Ultimod has deservedly become an industry-leading device in the medical industry.

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