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Power Supply Selection for Medical Equipment

No Compromise Power Solutions for Medical Applications

Medical applications regularly require specialist power supplies, but the provision and application of such devices is extremely complex. There is a huge variety of medical equipment products which require varying power levels from low power infusion pumps, through medical lasers, up to MRI equipment. Each device tends to have various customer power requirements, not to mention different standards related to regulations and testing. Medical system designers also face a huge challenge in terms of maintaining a competitive period to market, while also producing affordable and reliable units.

Excelsys Technologies has established itself as one of the world’s premium suppliers of power units to the medical industry. During this time working with medical equipment suppliers, Excelsys has built up an extremely impressive client base of major companies from all four corners of the earth in sectors such as medical imaging, clinical diagnostics, aesthetic lasers and surgical lasers.

When designing and producing medical power supplies, Excelsys prioritise several key elements. Reliability is of critical importance, and it is for this reason that Excelsys bases its products around proven field technology. By offering a five-year warranty it underlines its commitment to durability and excellence.

Each Excelsys product must also meet a stringent set of international criteria in order to ensure patient and operator safety at all times. To further complicate matters, most nations have their own specific procedures and regulations, so it really takes an operator with considerable international experience such as Excelsys to produce suitable power supplies. Excelsys products are fully certified to the latest international safety agency approvals, IEC/UL/EN60601-1 3rd edition, which helps simplify the process for customers and reduce overall costs.

Other factors such as reducing time to market and offering flexibility within products are also considered important, and taking full account of these has helped establish Excelsys as a leader in the medical power supply field.

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