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Power Supply Technical Support Tools From Excelsys

Providing Industry Leading Technical Support
The Ultimod and Xgen series of user configurable power supplies has many facets, but perhaps its most obvious asset is its ability to enable system designers to build their own custom power supplies. With the recent introduction of the online configuration tool, this process has been made even more straightforward.

Xgen Power Supply Online Configurator

In order to utilise the configurator, it is necessary to merely input any power requirements – such as input voltage, output voltages and currents, safety requirements – and then also stipulate any further product extras required within your particular application. These can include such options of power supplies as cabling options, output control options, reverse fan direction, low acoustic noise, low leakage current, conformal coating and extra ruggedisation.

This information is then taken on board by the configuration tool, which will automatically implement any necessary deratings which are required as a result of your input line voltages. It will then recommend a unique, customised power supply that particularly suits your individual application. In instances where a solution is not possible in one power supply, the Excelsys applications team is able to still achieve this result by utilising two or more Ultimod / Xgen supplies connected in a parallel fashion.

The experts at Excelsys are continually available to assist with any power supply questions/issues that designers may face on a daily basis. We supply a wide range of product manuals, application notes and technical articles, but also additionally 3-D drawings and CAD files which are particularly relevant to your system.

Additionally, Excelsys keeps a very handy and authoritative collection of downloadable resources on our website, and we are always adding material in order to provide information on efficient ways to connect and attach Excelsys products to your systems.

At Excelsys, we pride ourselves on providing world-class technical support, and our applications team is quite simply the best in the industry.


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