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XT 200w – 400w
Ultra Low Noise Power Supply

The XT family of Ultra Low noise power supplies provides up to 400W in an extremely compact 1U x 260mm x 89mm package. This AC/DC power supply has efficiencies of up to 90%, and employs an innovative plug & play architecture that allows users to instantly configure a custom power solution in less than 5 minutes!

Ideal for acoustic sensitive applications such as audio applications, the XT family provides unmatched efficiency and high power density, made possible through the combination of low loss technologies and the best field-proven technologies in planar magnetics and surface mount electronics.

Applications Include:

  • Audio Equipment
  • Test and measurement
  • Telecommunications
  • For Medical applications, see XN

Features and Benefits:

  • Low Acoustic noise 37.3dBA
  • EN60601-1 3rd edition approved
  • Less than 300?A leakage current
  • 150XA option available
  • 4000VAC isolation
  • Ultra high efficiency, up to 89%
  • Extra low profile: 1U height (40mm)
  • Plug & Play Power – allows fast custom
  • Individual output control signals
  • All outputs fully floating
  • Series/Parallel of multiple outputs
  • Few electrolytic capacitors (all long life)
  • 5V bias standby voltage provided


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