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Reducing Power Supply Size while maintaining Functionality

The importance of design parameters on the success of a product should never be underestimated. While the significance of this element does differ in importance from one industry to another, typically a product which offers an excellent feature set, while being attractively designed and compact in size, will become a market leader. For example, in mobile technology the design values associated with Apple have seen the company become the world’s largest corporation in terms of market value.

The same principle applies to electronics. Designers working on electronic systems continually face challenges related to system size reduction, which is demanded by users of power supplies. Yet smaller sizes are also desired, with no accompanying reduction in functionality. To deliver compactness and power in the same unit can be a real challenge.

However, when this is done well, power supplies unquestionably benefit. For example, the UltiMod from Excelsys boasts 16W per inch-cubed, with up to 1,200W of output power. This is quite incredibly as much as 2.5 times smaller than the industry standard, which saves businesses an incredible amount of system real estate.

Aside from the practical benefits, producing efficient systems is very much the cultural zeitgeist given the importance of preserving resources and producing ‘green’ technology. One of the benefits of the Ultimod system is that it reduces system running costs as well as resources used. By moving from 75 percent to 90 percent efficient power supplies, businesses can potentially reduce system running costs by more than 10 percent.

As technology develops and is coupled with commercial challenges, performance improvements for power supplies related to efficiency, functionality and size become more demanding. Increasingly, modular power supplies become a logical choice and provide a significant competitive advantage. As Excelsys continue to work on simplifying system design while maintaining highly-quality functionality, businesses can only benefit from improved profitability and resource management.

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