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Reducing Time to Market with Modular Power Supplies

The pressure on engineering teams nowadays to reduce delivery time related to new products is certainly intense. This is due to a combination of factors, not least the fact that the global marketplace is increasingly diverse and competitive. In order to respond to these market needs, engineering teams have to consider every conceivable possibility while building systems.

This often requires engineering teams to reduce internal testing of components before use. This is putting pressure on procurement specialists to incorporate cutting-edge technology, while also ensuring that cost is kept to a bare minimum.

This particular challenge is especially rarefied in the area of selecting a suitable modular power supply. If there is failure in this area than any application designed and built by an engineering team will not function as intended. This can cause no end of problems, given that retrofitting a solution to any issues while mid-way through a design can be both time-consuming and costly. It goes without saying that such an issue will cause a significant delay to a project schedule.

Xgen Power Supply Online ConfiguratorThus, on this basis common sense would indicate that selecting a suitable power supply becomes extremely important in any application. With regard to this, Excelys has the solution to the problem. Getting the products to market speedily is achieved by adopting a solution which is both modular and configurable. Excelsys has focused throughout its work in power supplies on delivering products to businesses which effectively provide building blocks for any consideration to be put together, in the pursuit of any particular industrial requirements.

When flexibility and functionality are combined in the same modular power unit, the amount of testing required is greatly reduced. All of a sudden, the ability of an engineering team to deliver the product to market in the most expedient manner possible has been greatly increased. It is for this reason that Excelsys has acquired a huge reputation in the production of modular power supplies.

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