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Support for Power Supply Sample Request

Providing Industry Leading Technical Support

The request for a power supply sample is the first tangible sign from a new customer that it might be interested in making a purchase. This should not be treated as merely the sending of a product to a customer, but needs to regarded as an opportunity for a critical exchanges of value. It is at this point that a vital flow of bilateral information begins.

Effectively, the customer has identified a product that matches his / her requirements. Of course, first impressions are vitally important, as it is possible that the customer may never have used an Excelsys power supply previously. Thus, the sample needs to arrive speedily, and fit the functions required by the customer precisely.

At this point Excelsys can focus its attention on customer support. Specific technical support can be provided in the form of test reports, while detailed applications data can now also be delivered. Excelsys works diligently with its global distribution network to ensure samples are available at all times (in 24 hours if necessary), and that when request are received from customers they are handled with urgency and accuracy.

Excelsys believes the following are key success factors in product sampling:

  • Availability – product is locally or quickly available from a distributor.
  • Fast Delivery – can be delivered within 24 hours.
  • Flexibility – distributors that can respond to minor changes are preferable.
  • Technical Documents – full test reports can be provided, and technical resources are fully available to support the model delivered.
  • Application support – there is direct line application support for the customer
  • Follow up – Excelsys always directly follows up with user, and acquires details of performance, and more importantly the customer applications.

Excelsys strives to make sampling a rewarding activity for the customer, and is continually introducing improvements to the process. Recent improvements include a greater quantity of stock quantities on hand when new products are released, and improvements in the service delivered by distribution centres in order to more satisfactorily respond to minor changes, more detailed technical information available online  such as 3D drawings, application notes, Safety certification and much more.

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