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The “consumer electronics market” what is it?

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Consumer electronics has certainly experienced an explosion in recent years, and if any proof of this were needed than the recent achievements of Apple put this firmly into perspective. The consumer electronics giant has recently become the first company to achieve a $700 billion market capitalisation, and additionally recorded the largest ever single-quarter profit in business history.

Consumer electronics effectively refers to any electronic-driven device which is used for personal rather than business purposes. It is fair to say that there is a certain amount of crossover, in that many devices which can be utilised for personal use also have corporate functionality. But generally speaking, consumer electronics refers to things such as mobile phones, video games, computers, fridge freezers; i.e. entertaining and / or useful appliances around the home.


Traditionally, consumer electronics devices were seen as disposable, particularly as technology dated extremely quickly. Although the rate of technological process has not necessarily slowed, the quality of devices produced today means that, firstly, people are less inclined to rapidly replace them, and secondly, they simply last longer than the consumer electronics devices of the past.

Therefore, it is always important for companies to provide a reliable power supply for consumer electronics products. Of course, a longer lifecycle has been preferable in industrial products for quite some time, and thus it is natural that companies such as Excelsys find that there is a bit of a crossover in their industrial work today with the consumer electronics marketplace. Increasingly, consumer electronics manufacturers are looking to the industrial sector for input.

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