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The Importance of Power Quality

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Obtaining optimum performance from an industrial power supply can be an excellent way for businesses to save money, and improve the efficiency of their general performance. It is particularly important to understand this, as fluctuations in the quality of power occur commonly in industrial facilities, and particularly in sub-standard industrial power supplies.

Some industrial processes are particularly prone to ‘sags’ in voltage, whereby the amount of power being generated by a device appreciably diminishes. There are industry-approved standards to measure this, and these include ITIC (CBEMA), IEC-61000-4-11 and SEMI F47.

The Importance Of Power Quality in AC DC Power Suppy

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Comparing the level of voltages sag in industrial products has been going on for several decades. The Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association set a benchmark for power supply operation nearly 50 years ago in 1970, and this was later amalgamated into the Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC) curve. The ITIC remains active to this day.

Given that these industrial standards exist, it becomes feasible for any business to easily understand when it is struggling with power outages. All industrial power supplies today must have a certain amount of voltage sag tolerance.

Businesses often attempt to achieve a balance between having reliable power supplies in their important industrial devices, and of course managing expenses and their ultimate bottom line. The sensitivity of equipment and the process controls involved in industrial processes are ensure that they are particularly susceptible to voltage sags.

The simple solution to this issue is to opt for high-quality and affordable power supplies from companies such as Excelsys, which has been involved at the cutting edge of the industry for many years.

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