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Ultimod Power Supply and Reducing Time to Market

Few industries change more quickly than that of electronics. The technology-based nature of the industry ensures that standards are constantly evolving. When this is coupled with the highly competitive and fast-moving global marketplace, it is clear that any company involved in electronic manufacturing will have to work extremely hard and flexibly in order to stay ahead of the curve.

The modern electronics marketplace is extremely demanding in terms of time to market, with increased functionality often a necessity, yet lower running costs are frequently required as well. Businesses working all over the world on modular and AC/DC power supplies have to respond to these demands on a daily basis.

As the pace of innovation set by this time demand increases, so products across the board have shorter lifecycles. Product concepts must be advanced into production rapidly; we see this trend across multiple industries whether dealing with computing products, or industrial and medical electronics.

Given the immense pressures that exist, it is nice to know that there is at least a solution to the problem. Innovative plug and play architectures are helping to eliminate the lead-time associated with power supplies. One such technology is the UltiMod system from Excelsys Technologies, which enables customers to configure and build their own custom power supply within a matter of minutes.

Excelsys have designed this system to be extremely flexible and easily configurable for users. Plus, as system design related to power supplies evolves, so the UltiMod system evolves with it. This innovative system enables pre-series units to be ordered and delivered within one week. This is possible as power requirements are completely defined by the Excelsys system, ensuring that companies can react more nimbly to market needs, with minimal production disruption.

Additionally, the system provides a stable power supply which is fully compliant with safety agency approvals. This further reduces costs, and the time associated with securing bureaucratic approval. With time to market a critical issue in modern electronics, UltiMod instantly solves many problems in this area.

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