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Voltage Sag Regulations and Excelsys Power Supplies

Electrical equipment that is to be utilised within a factory setting naturally needs to possess an extremely high level of power quality. Aside from the important safety requirements, all power supplies within an industrial environment require very high levels of power quality due to the sensitivity of equipment and process controls.

One problem which can occur with such set-ups, particularly with regard to semiconductor processing, is the issue of voltage sag on input lines. A voltage sag, also frequently referred to as a voltage dip, can be defined as a decrease in rms voltage or current below 90% of nominal for the duration of half an AC cycle to one minute. The concept is distinct from a complete interruption in the flow of current.

There can be many causes of the phenomenon of voltage sag, but some of the most common are inclement weather conditions, failures related to utility equipment, and power issues caused by adjacent businesses or customers.

With this in mind, legislation exists to regulate AC/DC power supplies within factories. In order to address this issue, in 1999 the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute (SEMI), established standards relating to AC line sag immunity. The SEMI F47-0706 standard explicitly lays out the minimum voltage sag immunity requirements for a raft of industrial equipment which includes semiconductor processing, metrology, and automated test equipment.

Thankfully, when you choose to purchase your power supply equipment from Excelsys, you can be assured of acquiring the absolute highest industry standards. Excelsys is a renowned designer of modular power supplies and LED drivers, and we have an unswerving commitment and professional pride to delivering and maintaining the highest quality of products and technical support to businesses all over the world. All of our products are manufactured in ISO9000 certified facilities, and every single one undergoes 100% product testing.

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