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The added functionality of the new extended trim range powerMods complement the existing UltiMod and Xgen platforms. These modules; XgM, XgN, XgP and XgQ are available with nominal output voltages of 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V respectively and each can be dynamically trimmed down to 1V. This feature offers unparalleled flexibility to system designers who need dynamic control of output voltages over extreme voltage ranges. With output power levels from 200W to 288W these modules are ideal for a broad range of applications in the Medical, Industrial and Hi-Rel/MIL-COTS markets.

These extended trim range power modules can be used in any of the UltiMod, Xgen-Ultra Quiet, Xgen-High Power or XF Hi Rel/Mil COTS Modular platforms. All powerMods can be simply plugged into a standard powerPac in the normal way, all modules are interchangeable and can be put in series or parallel ensuring that you have the most flexible power supply at your fingertips. All products are certified to EN60950 for Industrial applications and EN60601-1 2nd and 3rd Edition for Medical applications and carry the Excelsys 5 Year Warranty.

UltiMod Power Supply

Applications Include:

  • Medical; Clinical diagnostic equipment, Medical lasers, Dialysis equipment, Radiological Imaging, Clinical Chemistry
  • Industrial; Test and Measurement, Industrial Machines, Automation equipment, Printing, Telecommunications, Audio equipment
  • Hi Rel/MIL COTS; Radar, Test equipment, Aerospace, Marine equipment

Features and Benefits:

  • Output voltages from 1.0V to 58V
  • Highest Efficiency, >92%
  • Parallel / Series of multiple outputs
  • UL/EN60950 and UL/EN60601 approved.
  • – 40°C Startup Temperature
  • Individual output control signals

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